Virtual Events, Hybrid Events, Pre-Recorded, Deep Fake Videos and Live Events!

These past 9 months, Ben has been doing Virtual, Hybrid, Pre-Recorded Shows. These have all been hugely successful and Ben has been able to do shows all over Australia, US, UK, Singapore, India and Finland.

Ben has also introduced “Deep Fake” Video Technology. Instead of Ben being made up to look like Trump or Arnie, Tom Cruise, Dr Phil etc. He can literally become that character with the software matching his expressions to real video of the characters. Have a look at the Arnie Deep Fake and Dr Phil one Ben did recently.

These have a huge wow factor and Ben can almost become any of his 200+ characters. For Christmas parties and end of year conferences, awards nights and any events, these are great.

Many clients are opting for pre-recorded events, as well as live on zoom. These are fantastic and will continue into the future. Now the live shows are coming back. There’s rules on social distancing but to hear the sound of a live crowd laughing is an adrenaline rush that all performers love. It’s also what staff and clients need more than ever. So whatever you do if it’s Virtual, Hybrid, Pre-Recorded, Deep Fake Videos or Live, Ben is able to give your event the laughter and fun that’s needed.


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