Show Packages

1 x 30 minute Comedy Routine.
Incorporating various voices
Character Appearance.
Choose from Arnie,Tom Cruise, Donald Trump etc.
Includes character make-up and costume
Note: Prosthetic make-up does not fall into this
Character Appearance
PLUS separate
20-25 minute Comedy Routine
MC Event
As required
MC Event
As required
PLUS separate
20-25 minute Comedy Routine
Character Appearance with Full Prosthetic Make-up & Costume
Choose Arnie, Donald Trump etc.
Note: subject to prosthetic make-up artist availability
All of the above PLUS separate
Comedy Routine
All of Above Option
MC Event


Tailored DVD which can be done as a mock satellite interview.

Tailored CD with various characters of your choice wishing you a happy farewell or Birthday message, Wedding telegrams etc.  Accompanied by music or Sound FX.

Voice-overs for TV or radio commercials.

Acting for TV commercials, TV shows, Corporate Training DVD’s or movies.


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