Mate if you don't win this show, I’ll get you a job on our radio show, because that’s brilliant! Yes from me. You’re through to the next round buddy, well done!

- Kyle Sandilands, Australia's Got Talent

...convincing impersonations of Steve Bracks and Jeff Kennett...the audience howled with laughter throughout

- The Age

You're doing a fantastic job!

- Arnold Schwarzenegger (After MC'ing the Arnold Business Success Summit 2018)

Ben Price was the MC and entertainment for our company’s annual Gala Dinner Awards night. He was hilariously captivating and it was amazing to see how he can just flip from one character to another in a split second without skipping a beat. His live feed video impersonation of Donald Trump had the crowd in absolute hysterics! Ben set the perfect mood for our function and we would not hesitate in having him out again!

- Jim's Group

Olympics Opening Ceremony, Ben's impersonation of the Prime Minister John Howard was witty and delightful. This set the scene for an exciting night of entertainment.


You’re a star with or without this show. If you win it or you don't, you’re an absolute star! You need your own show. I would tune into every single one.

- Dannii Minogue, Australia's Got Talent

Ben Price was a pleasure to have as both our guest entertainment and MC for our Gala Dinner. He has the ability to create large amounts of laughter with good clean entertainment. Ben's performance made you feel like there was a large number of performers based on his accurate portrayal of many personalities by his impersonations.

- Pirtek Fluid Systems

An excellent all round performance with great impersonations and comedy. Ben's interaction with the group was a feature of his performance.

- Bendigo Bank

Ben's impersonation of John Cleese is very good and his voice is spot on. It was a pleasure working with him over the last few weeks.

- Tobin Brothers Funerals

“Ben’s performance on our gala night rated as one of the most enjoyable events for our whole 3 day conference. He is simply hilarious and we had many customers commenting how much their sides hurt from laughing. There is always some anxiety around booking a humorous act for the gala night but Ben’s act appealed to all and made everyone laugh, uproariously. He was totally prepared and extremely professional and so quick with the ad libs. Absolute top performance!”

- Andre van Duiven, Sektor Pty Ltd

Master of Ceremonies - Ben focused on three characters, The Mask, The Terminator and Jack Nicholson, all of whom were convincingly performed.

- Island Shangri-La Hong Kong

You do an incredible Donald Trump. That is so, so good.

- The Morning Show, Channel 7

Ben Price is hilarious! His Dr. Phil rendition is the genuine article.

- Herald-Sun, The Eye

Ben Price was fantastic to work with. He was hilarious, entertaining & good fun. He took the time to understand his clients and that was evidenced in his performance.

- BT Financial Group

Ben Price is a very talented, funny man and he had the entire room laughing – I would highly recommend him – his impersonations are hilarious.

- Equity Trustees

Ben Price is Creative & Extreme. He brought the roof down at Urban Task Force Property Person of the year 2015

- Iwan Sunito - Crown Group

You mean he's not the real thing? - can we have our money back?...Seriously, Ben Price is a genuine superstar, we're in awe of the guy!

- Gold 104.3, Grubby & Dee Dee Breakfast Show

I would have no hesitation recommending Ben Price for any type of function or event. His ability to make you instantly recognise each one of his many characters is incredible. Then the humour in each portrayal had our guests collapsing with laughter. My favourite was Ben’s De Niro – I am forever in his ‘Circle of Trust’. You owned it! 10 out of 10!


Ben Price is not only talented, funny, and godly, but he's a personal friend that I have grown to love. We have used his amazing talents in one of our movies, and we have recorded his personal testimony for our TV show. I highly recommend him to bring laughter to your people, as well as a sound biblical gospel presentation.

- Ray Comfort, Living Waters Founder and CEO, Audacity, 180 Movie

Ben Price is simply brilliant! His Owen Wilson impersonation would make Owen Wilson think that it's himself.

- Kids WB, Go Channel

The way Ben engages and tailors his vast show to the specific audience demographic attending is fantastic and means he is extremely well received. I have no hesitation in recommending Ben for corporate audiences and will be using him again in the future. Well Done.

- Hurricane Events

Very enjoyable, plan on seeing him perform at the comedy festival.

- Allianz

Ben's approach was great, he fitted some tailored material into his presentation and was good value as company over dinner. Tim Tam was a crackup. I would recommend him highly.

- Goulburn Valley Water

“Ben is incredible, so many voices and he is able to switch from one to another in a second. He makes me laugh so hard I end up crying….so waterproof mascara is an absolute must!”

- Dannii Minogue- Host of Dannii Chat

Ben Price was excellent especially Arnie! Excellent cross section and variety of entertainment.


Just a quick note to let you know how fantastic Ben was at our National Print Awards last Friday night. The crowd had been fairly rowdy and inattentive during the first half of the awards, but Ben managed to draw them in with his performance and had them laughing and yelling out suggestions in no time flat – it really was a highlight of the entire night and I’m amazed at how he managed to get them so focused on the stage! If you could pass our thanks onto Ben – he was fantastic.

- National Print Awards, 2013

Ben was the MC at the Bible Society Australia’s Bi Centennial Lunch at Parliament House in Queens Hall on March 29.” Ben thrilled all those in attendance with his comedy and professional approach to the role of MC at this important occasion. People are still commenting to me about Ben and what a great choice he was”

- Bible Society Australia

I’ll be honest Ben, your audition was just incredible and it’s probably still one of my favourite things I’ve seen on this show over the last 2 years. And I was concerned that you coming out tonight, you were going to be a 1 trick pony, that you had just perfected those impressions for your jokes in the audition. You just came out tonight with... and I’m just so impressed that you didn’t even repeat 1 character. You had a whole fresh new batch of characters and your story was just as funny as your audition. I genuinely think you are a very, very serious contender to win this competition.

- Brian McFadden, Australia's Got Talent

Thank you so much for making our Christmas Luncheon this year a special one. Your show was absolutely brilliant and everyone of our customers that I have spoken to have said how much they enjoyed your impersonations and jokes (my cheek muscles were aching afterwards!). I've no doubt you are Australia's best impersonator and we would highly recommend you to anyone looking for similar professional corporate entertainment.

- Bistech Pty Ltd

Looking good! You've done a fantastic job!

- Arnold Schwarzenegger (Ben as Terminator, warm-up act for Arnie)

Ben Price was absolutely brilliant!

- Fitness Australia

Ben Price was an inspired choice for our awards dinner, not only a professional and thorough MC who ensured the smooth running of the evening, but his comedy and impersonations were hilarious. Most awards dinners are normally forgotten in a few days, nothing could be further from the truth regarding this year's dinner. I have received exceptional feedback about Ben and people are still raving about this talented performance. Definitely Australia's best impersonator!

I would highly recommend Ben to anyone looking for an exceptional MC for their next event!

- Smart Conference

Did not want that to end! That was superb! I want you to do my message bank for me. That was freaking awesome!

- Dannii Minogue, Australia's Got Talent

I just wanted to let you know that the event on Friday was a success and how I can’t speak highly enough of Ben – not only was he personable and a pleasure to have at lunch, he was an amazing entertainer. In the 6 years I’ve been organising the event, I have never had so many people so happy with the choice of entertainer. All I can say is that he was brilliant and I wish him every success.

- Direct Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

Ben Prices Master of Ceremonies was a very talented, professional entertainer, with great impersonations, lots of humour and stories.

- Fairfax Community Newspapers

Ben Price is no “girly man” when it comes to comedy. He had our audience in stiches of laughter and is a consummate professional to deal with. I would recommend Ben for that function that requires extra spice to make the night fun, enjoyable and memorable for all involved.

- Milestone

...we've found a replacement for the Channel 9 sports department...Ben can do them all!

- Triple M Radio Melbourne (Eddie McGuire)

Not only was it a fantastic performance but you could see with the little bit you did at the front, dressing up as the different characters that this is going to roll on to something much, much bigger. Please somebody give this guy a TV show of his own!!!

- Dannii Minogue, Australia's Got Talent

Ben was the MC at our company’s annual conference and he brought out each person’s inner laughter with his incredibly entertaining character impersonations. ‘Tim Tam’ was a standout and had us all in tears. It was a real ice breaker to a formal function and the impersonations just rolled on effortlessly. Professional, but so, so funny!

- National Beverage Group

"That is fantastic. Wow!"

- CT Style Channel ABC (USA)

I’ve seen people do impressions before and some people they do 1 voice brilliantly and the other ones are weak. Every voice you do is on the money. And it doesn’t take you long it just takes a couple seconds and you’re instantly straight into character. You don't have to even tell us who it is anymore we know who it’s gonna be when you do it and all I’m gonna say is people pick up the phone and vote for this man to make the Grand Final.

- Brian McFadden, Australia's Got Talent

Look as I’ve said before you’re absolutely flawless at all these characters. Mate people need to get behind those they love cos it’s serious business now and I’d love someone like you to win this thing. So I say congratulations if you do.

- Kyle Sandilands, Australia's Got Talent

Ah it’s just fantastic Ben you know you’re such a good guy as well. That act was just brilliant and the beauty of you is and I don't know how you do it but it just seems to get better and better. And you’re getting these new voices which is great but it’s the comedy as well. People can do voices and I don't think they can do them as well as you and it’s not just that it’s actually the jokes and the comedy. The way it all flows together, you just brought it to a higher level every week and for me that one was by far your best one and it looks like you’ve saved your best for last!

- Brian McFadden, Australia's Got Talent

Ben was extremely well prepared and I was very impressed at the way he did his homework. Ben was very personable and by the time our function came around and got to meet him it felt like we were old friends.

- Heidelberg New Zealand

Ben Price has perfected the art of celebrity impressions!

- The Today Show, Channel 9

Ben has an amazing ability to capture the essence of a character; how a person looks, talks, walks and feels. He could probably even reproduce how they smell, but that would probably cost extra. Ben doesn't just impersonate someone, he inhabits them.

- Tom Gleisner (The Panel, Have you been paying attention)

You are one of the best things I have ever seen on this show. I’ve seen Frank Caliendo and you are as good if not better than he is. I will start it off with an absolute yes, yes, yes!

- Brian McFadden, Australia's Got Talent

There's nobody he can't do!

- Studio 10, Channel 10

We all thought his show was great. Very appropriate for our group. Jokes were clean and clever, he kept the audience engaged, which can be a hard task with this group … and I had lots of good feedback, including from one of our sponsors who had organised Charlie Pickering for a spot on their stand during the afternoon saying that she wished she had booked Ben Price as his style of entertainment suited the crowd better. I would recommend. I would recommend Ben to any of our potential clients.


Thanks Ben for being an epic SpongeBob SquarePants impersonator! You were amazing!!! Everyone was laughing so much!!!

- The Bump Show, 2day FM

Other than nailing each voice, what blows me away is how easy you can go from person to person....if you close your eyes it's like they are all in one room having a convo!...It's amazing!

- Good Morning Texas host Alanna Sarabia

An excellent all round performance with great impersonations and comedy. Ben's interaction with the group was a feature of his performance.

- Bendigo Bank

"Australia's number 1 impersonator. So talented!"

- Good Morning Washington

Ohh he's so good and there's no voice that this man can't do!

- The Today Show, Channel 9

Ben is a dead set legend – I cannot recommend him enough – he is super funny and people will remember your event for all the right reasons. I had so many compliments after he did a gig at our Office opening event – he was that good that we got him again the following week for our Staff Christmas Party! He also takes a lot of time and effort to construct a show that is for your audience. You will absolutely love working with Ben – as did myself and my colleagues. His comedy really does set the scene for a great night – thank you Ben!

- Equity Trustees, Marketing and Events

I did love it, I’m a big fan of Ben and you know the difficult thing that a lot of people won’t understand is perfecting someone’s voice like that is hard enough as it is but rolling from act, to act, to act and getting it so perfectly is just simply sensational mate! I take my hat off to you. All I can say is excellent Smithers!

- Kyle Sandilands, Australia's Got Talent

Thank you for your contribution to our conference, your performance was full of energy, funny and lots of laughs. Appreciate the effort in tailoring making it to our 80’s theme and Quest as well (eg 30 sec movie grabs etc).

Feedback from the delegates has been terrific on your comedy routine and helped make the conference dinner a memorable one.

- Quest Apartment Hotels

His performance as the Terminator was first class, very humorous and the
thousands of attendees at 21st Century Financial Education Summit
featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne June 2013
loved him including Arnie himself.

- Jamie McIntyre, 21st Century

Ben Price was fantastic, working our audience. The amount of people he impersonated in a small amount of time was excellent and very funny.

- Warrnambool Standard

“Ben is a real professional and everyone loved his impressions – heaps of fun!”

- AbbVie

Ben Price is the perfect vitamin for your funny bone!

- Alex Kendrick (Director/Producer, Fireproof, Courageous and War Room)

Mate you certainly are a talented man. I did enjoy that!

- Kyle Sandilands, Australia's Got Talent

Bens performance at the KFC Conference was fantastic! We were all mesmerised by his unique and Hollywood actors voices, I would recommend Ben to all my colleagues, friends and families as he was well received and money was well spent.

- OAMPS Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd

Thank you for all your assistance in planning and booking Ben Price for our event, everyone loved Ben on the night, Ben certainly entertained our very wide age group audience and went beyond to ensure that the night was a huge success. Please pass on a big thank you to Ben and we hope he enjoyed his stay in sunny Coffs Harbour.

- Park Beach Plaza, Coffs Harbour

“I know that you will more than likely send me a formal feedback form however thought that I would send you a quick message about Ben’s performance at our conference dinner last night.

From a client point of view; Ben is a delight and is so very easy to get along with. You should have every confidence that whoever you send him out to will not have any issues with his professionalism.

From a performance point of view; I certainly heard nothing throughout the crowd but praise for his performance. I was looking about during his act and there were a number of people absolutely doubled over with laughter.

Some of the comments from our delegates were as follows:
“That’s my kind of humour, loved him”
“What a fantastic performance, some comedians need to use bad language to get a laugh but Ben certainly doesn’t do that.”
“How does he do that….what a talented man!”

We did have a very small amount of people at our event that had seen Ben two months ago at our conference in March and comments from them were that Ben certainly did have some new and different content in his act that made them laugh just as much as the last time.

Please ensure that you thank Ben for his efforts last night; once again, we thoroughly enjoyed his performance…”

- Bendigo Bank

Absolutely sensational! Everyone had a fabulous evening and would recommend Ben for any event if they are looking for the 'Wow' factor.

- Microsoft

Ben is unarguably Australia's best impersonator. His range of voices and characters is unmatched, his delivery excellent and his rapore with audiences first class. I have used Ben on a number of occasions for a variety of multi national clients and all have, without exception, found Ben to be the perfect golf day entertainment. Ben will tailor a performance to meet client needs and does so without any crudeness in his routine. This is something we have particularly found refreshing. I have no hesitation in recommending Ben for any corporate entertainment - be it a corporate golf event or other role.

- Golf Select

He came in as a bumbling English Nurseryman with an innovative idea for tracking plants - confused the life out of the professionals in the industry. He even managed to get them asking questions before revealing his true identity - which one would that be? He has his characters down to perfection - turn around and you wouldn't know you were listening to an impersonator. He was great fun. Excellent!

- Nursery Garden and Industry of Victoria

Ohh that was absolutely superb! I would never ever get sick of watching you perform. And you deserve all of this and more I mean your own show. The amount of voices you do is crazy, because to do one of those voices perfectly would be insane but you keep coming back with more! And can you just give us one more Homer Simpson? Yes!!

- Dannii Minogue, Australia's Got Talent

Australia's Greatest Impersonator!

- Hamish Blake, Hamish and Andy

Ben was fantastic at our event. Not only was he very funny on the night, delighting and amazing all the conference delegates with his vocal talent, but his versatility allowed us to be more creative and design an event that had greater entertainment value. We customised the character for the meet and greet, tying it in perfectly with the venue and pre-dinner activities, then later he came out and did his stand-up routine. We were in awe of Ben and he turned a great night into a perfect event.

- Kennards Hire

He was fantastic. The audience were really engaged and seemed to enjoy the performance, and afterwards, he had a bit of a groupie thing happening.

- Pharmatel Fresenius Kabi

Unbelievable Dr. Phil impersonator...extraordinary!

- A Current Affair, Channel 9


- Gold 104.3 FM

Ben was one of the best MC’s we have had throughout the 6 years I have been organizing conferences for Professionals Real Estate. He is funny, witty, has many characters to offer throughout the longer events which keep the audience entertained and brings a relaxed approach to an atmosphere that can often be frantic and stressful. I have received so many comments from our delegates post conference stating that Ben has been our best MC yet, questions on his availability to come visit their offices and just straight out - where can they get Ben’s details. One very important MC characteristic that our attendees tend to base their decision on is the ability for the MC to mingle with guests and really be part of the conference. This is something that Ben does extremely well. Believe me, you will not be disappointed when hiring Borat, Arnie, Dr Phil or even just Ben Price himself.

- Professionals Real Estate.

Ben your impersonations were brilliant and loved by all! You brought a lighter feel to a day heavy with content delivery to our delegates and helped us end on an overwhelmingly entertaining high! Best part - hearing from Donald Trump. Your specially tailored delivery to our industry offered an experience exclusive to our event, making our members and our event not only special but also memorable, thank you!

- Strata Community Australia Vic

Ben Price was great, he spent time with our guests. He went over his time and had no issues with staying longer.

- IGA Distribution

“We had the pleasure of having Ben Price at a recent Townhall. He was amazing and nothing short of hilarious. He joined as President Trump to kick things off and roasted the leadership team , followed by a very funny Q&A. Ben then broke out into a whole raft of characters including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Owen Wilson, De Niro, Homer Simpson, Shrek and Liam Neeson. He does over 200 impersonations! One of the most talented people on planet earth, a great guy, and highly recommend working with him”

- Cloudera

Where else can you hire 100 people for the price of 1! We hired Ben as Dr Phil for the how to videos for our site. He was a pleasure to work with, and his videos have been a hit with both our service providers and consumers. We would fully recommend Ben to others.

- Service Central Australia

Not even 300 female football fans could throw Ben off! An amazing Dr.Phil that had us all laughing and wanting more of his uncanny impersonations! A sensational addition to our annual Ladies Luncheon.

- Sydney Swans
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