Last Monday night was great I had a gig in my hometown of Melbourne.  So often I am flying all over the country for shows it’s nice when it’s just a drive away.  At the Hilton in Melbourne I was there to do a comedy routine for Betta Home Living.  They were having a conference and to kick things off I did a half hour comedy spot. I did mention they were one of the Betta gigs I have had.

To be honest they were a fantastic crowd and they loved Tim Tam as well.  I asked the audience has anyone ever seen Tim Tam from Vietnam and one guy yelled out, “He works for us”.

It was a great gig and being a cocktail environment at least assured that I was going to get a standing ovation no matter what.

Then on the Friday I was privileged to be a part of a Fundraiser for a Preschool in Burma. This was held at Waverley Christian College where my kids attend.  They have such a fantastic theatre in there, the PAC.

Again another close gig to travel to and a really fun crowd, they loved it.  I love it too when there are kids in the audience who can get in to all the kids voices I do like Manny, Sid the Sloth, Homer, Shrek, Donkey, Gru, etc.  I think the adults enjoy it too.

Photos to come soon

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